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The PDF Pro Tip That Could Have Saved Paul Manafort’s Lawyers From Regret

We simply released a loose update to Win2PDF (version 10.Zero.Forty) that has a new characteristic that would have been useful for Paul Manafort’s legal professionals, as this stressed article explains.

“The today’s reminder got here this week, while [Paul Manafort’s] protection attorneys failed to sufficiently redact quantities of a court docket submitting submitted on Tuesday, responding to Robert Mueller’s claims that Manafort violated his plea agreement with the special counsel by mendacity to prosecutors.”

What is the brand new feature? Properly, it’s a enhancement to our Win2 PDF to text computer app that permits you to extract all of the text from a PDF file after which store the outcomes to a easy text record. All you need to do is drop the PDF report on the Win2PDF computing device icon and then pick ‘Extract text‘ from the pop-up menu proven underneath.

This would have turned the subsequent redacted Manafort courtroom file (shown as a PDF record):

  • Manafort1
  • Into this article report:
  • Manafort2

You could see that the redacted text inside the PDF file transformed absolutely to readable textual content within the textual content document.

This feature, manifestly, wasn’t created for the purpose of revealing redacted textual content, however it does exemplify a case where it would had been beneficial. We’ve had many other clients who had been searching out an smooth way to transform PDF files into textual content files for different enterprise purposes.

You can download the modern day update (loose for licensed Win2PDF 7 or Win2PDF 10 users) from our support download page.

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