New Program Helps Moms with Perinatal Support and Bonding

Through Women’s Health at Renown, mothers can get the assistance they need if they’re experiencing anxiety or depression. Andrea Thompson, a Nurse Practitioner with Renown, talks about a new perinatal service program. Its purpose: to help moms get back to bond with their child and focus on better health for themselves.

One reason that Nurse Practitioner Andrea Thompson is enthusiastic about providing maternal bonding and support for moms is her own life experience. “I have a 4-year-old along with also a 15-month-old, and following my oldest was born, I had very intense depression,” Thompson said.

“And I had never experienced anything like that before. I was living in Washington State at the moment, and fortunately, I was able to observe a midwife and a nurse practitioner who had an whole practice focused on perinatal bonding and support to moms.

It was truly great — I had the tools to handle my second pregnancy after that.”Thompson eventually moved to Reno from Washington. In her role as a nurse practitioner for Renown Health, she found a need in Reno-Tahoe to get a program very similar to the one who helped her cope after giving birth. To that end, she worked together with Women’s Health at Renown to start its new perinatal bonding and support program for mothers who may be suffering from anxiety or post-delivery depression.

The program began on Jan. 1.”A lot of girls come to me who do not have a primary care provider and get the majority of their services through Women’s Health, which explains why it’s very important for us to offer this application,” Thompson stated. “For many patients, they might not realize they are miserable at the moment.

They may also think,’I don’t even know where to go because of this. I do not feel sick, but this is not normal. ”’ This is defined as the perinatal period, which lasts around a year after the baby is born.”Occasionally the fourth trimester is the toughest one, so we need to do a better job of supporting girls and being their supplier of care for that entire year after they have given birth. There have been a few really good outcomes for babies with these recommendations, but we also need to improve the health effects for mothers.

“Having coordinated care to meet maternal health effects is 1 benefit for mothers to use this program. “You are in a position to speak with an OB/GYN physician, a midwife, and myself as a nurse practitioner to get the answers you need,” Thompson said. “You can spend more time together with us and we could learn your whole history, so we can all come up with a treatment program.”

Another purpose is to transition the mommy into primary care when she is ready. “Many women of childbearing age have a fantastic OB supplier, but they might not feel the necessity to have a primary care provider,” Thompson explained. “It is important to get a fantastic home-base and somewhere to go if any health needs arise later on, and care is the place to establish that.”The new program fills a void in the community for mothers who require care when their baby is born. Additionally, it can help support concerns and put them on the path to overall wellness.

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